Before my injury I was working as a D.J.  I was going to the gym about four or five times a week as I like to keep fit.  I was 28 when I got TB meningitis.  I was taken to Doncaster hospital and then transferred to Sheffield Spinal Injury Centre where I was in a coma for two weeks and spent two months in intensive care.  When I found out I was paralysed, I was in a bad place, very depressed and was experiencing panic attacks whilst in hospital.

My daughter found it hard seeing me in a bad way, it was not nice at all.  My sister and my friends found it tough as well. I have a handful of really good friends.

I first heard of Aspire in the Spinal Injury Centre when one of the Occupational Therapists gave me an overview of the charity.  I applied to Aspire Grants whilst in the Spinal Injury Centre and filled in the application form for a standing wheelchair. I was not able to use a standing frame as my knees buckle and I have really bad spasms. When I found out I had been successful for part funding I felt real elation, the help I was going to get made me feel so happy.  I was helped with making further funding applications to other charities and was successful and so was able to purchase the wheelchair.

I feel so blessed.  I have not stopped using the wheelchair. I am able to stand each day, my feet are not swelling like they used to.  If I had not received funding from Aspire I didn’t actually have a plan B.

Receiving the wheelchair has uplifted my mood from being so depressed, it has given me more confidence in myself.  It has really helped me to look to the future and to get back to work as a D.J.

One thing that has completely changed for the positive is that my daughter saw me stand up in the wheelchair for the first time since my injury and I was able to give her a cuddle.  This meant so much to me.

The wheelchair will allow me to seek more opportunities as a D.J. which I would not have been able to do.  I feel much more positive and it allows me to go forward.  I will be able to return to the gym too.

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