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The SCI Tri Challenge is designed like a triathlon with the challenge based around swimming, cycling, and running elements. However, the important difference is that it is meant to be accessible to as many people as possible. From young to old, from athletes to those trying to get in shape, from wheelchair users to non-disabled people, everyone can take part in this challenge. 

Sam, Sarah and Andrew launching the first SCI Tri Challenge at Aspire

Sam, Sarah and Andrew launching the first SCI Tri Challenge at Aspire

The challenge also offers flexibility in whether you complete the three elements yourself or take part as a team with one or two friends covering the three elements as a group. Likewise the time frame given to complete the challenge, (from the beginning of July to the end of August) is in place to make the challenge accessible in terms of time. The three elements do not have to be completed at the same time, the aim is just for you or you and your team to have completed the challenge by the end of August

All money raised from the challenge will go towards supporting the work of three spinal cord injury charities: Aspire, Back Up, and Spinal Research. 

All three charities make a big difference to the lives of people with spinal cord injury in varying ways. By taking part in the SCI Tri challenge and raising money for the three charities you will be supporting the essential work each charity does.

The Challenge

The challenge is taking place from the beginning of July and the end of August with participants aiming to have completed all elements of the challenge by August 31st. 

The Distances

The Mini 1km run/wheel/walk/push - 5km cycle or para-cycle - 50 length (1,250m) swim 

The Midi 5km walk/run/wheel - 50km cycle or para-cycle - 500 length (12,500m) swim

The Maxi 10km walk/run/wheel -100km cycle or para-cycle -1000 (25,000m) length swim

Make Your Own Teams or individuals choose their own distances to ensure that the challenge is right for you.

Watch the launch with Sam, Sarah and Andrew:

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