Aspire Law logoWhat makes Aspire Law unique:

it is the only UK law firm dealing exclusively with Spinal Cord Injury claims - providing you with the specialist expertise you need.
• it strives to achieve the maximum compensation as quickly as possible - so you can get on with your life.
for personal injury claims, Aspire Law does not deduct any fees from the client’s compensation – so you keep 100% of your award *
 it is a unique joint venture law firm, established by Moore Blatch LLP, a law firm with specialist expertise in spinal injury compensation claims, and Aspire.
it shares 50% of its profits to Aspire to support people with spinal cord injury. This way they also help those with spinal injury who have no claim to make for compensation.

Clinical negligence cases and cases conducted under the Motor Insurance Bureau and Criminal Injuries Compensation Award Schemes will be subject to alternative funding arrangements. Aspire Law will explain the specific details to you on a case by case basis.