Most authorities now have their housing vacancies listed on the internet or in local papers. Usually once a week these pages are updated and any new properties will come on line. People are allowed to make a bid based on how many points they have or the banding they have been placed in. When you make a bid you are basically letting the authority know that you are interested in that property and wish to view and rent the property. There is no guarantee that you will be offered the property or that you will even be offered a viewing.

Some of the properties will be protected and only available to a specific client group, so you will see properties listed for young people (under 25), older people (usually over 65), families needing level threshold (may not be wheelchair accessible) and then wheelchair accessible.

Please note that in some cases any adapted property or those suitable for wheelchair users will be ring-fenced and not advertised. The local authority can hold these back and make offers directly to people on the list in need of a wheelchair-accessible property.

Please make sure you know what you can bid for and how your local authority allocates accessible properties.

If you are not able to access a computer, or do not have easy access to one, make sure you let the housing department know and they will make arrangements to bid for you. However, when and if you can, it would be beneficial for you to have a friend or family member to look for you as well.

If you are living in London there is now a disabled housing register for which most of the LAs have registered. Any adapted property should be shown on this system and it is clear which properties are wheelchair accessible or can be adapted.