I am a marine insurance broker by day and proud that my birth place was Greenwich, London, home to the National Maritime Museum, one of the World’s most significant collections of maritime themed exhibits including the uniform worn at the Battle of Trafalgar by Horatio Nelson, a personal hero of mine.

My birthday shares the day in history, albeit centuries earlier, when King John signed the Magna Carta, otherwise known as the “Great Charter of Liberties” which promised protection of church rights and access to swift justice.

These might be random associations but they are a part of my journey so far through life which has brought me four children, two UK speed records and a cycling proficiency badge which due to an accident in 1993 that left me with a fairly high level spinal injury, is now no longer of use.

It was my good fortune that at the time of my accident I had support and was able to return to work running a Lloyd’s insurance broker. It is my personal experience that support after incurring a spinal injury is a significant factor in recovery and is the motivation for my involvement with Aspire.  I have been a Trustee since September 2011 and Chairman since the beginning of 2012.