Each local authority may have slightly different processes.

If your home is not adaptable, and you are not in a position to buy or rent one on the open market, then you have a few choices.

Local authority social housing is in short supply but you need to get yourself and your family on to the housing list. Not everyone is eligible for social housing and your case manager will be able to let you know if you are.

Please note that even if you are eligible, given how few wheelchair accessible or adaptable properties are available, you are not guaranteed a property in the short term.

One of the important things to remember is that while your local authority does not have a legal requirement to house you it does have an obligation to help you by giving you advice on finding a new home. What their obligation is will depend on your personal circumstances. The first thing they will look for is whether or not you have a local connection to that area. They will then look at your financial situation, whether you could afford to pay a market rent, or buy your own home. They will also look in-depth at your income and savings.