Rent deposits- most landlords will ask for a deposit or rent in advance (housing associations tend not to do this at present).

If you cannot afford to pay a deposit there are some schemes that can help you. Speak to your local authority and ask if they have any scheme in place.  In some cases you will be able to ask for a “budgeting loan”. This is a loan from the Social Fund and will need to be paid back but it is interest-free.

You may be able to ask for a crisis loan which will need to be repaid but can be applied for via your local authority. These need to be repaid within 78 weeks and the repayments are usually taken directly from your income support payments or your job seeker’s allowance (JSA) Your Local authority may also run a scheme where you can ask for help and they will provide you with furniture and white goods rather than the funds to purchase these.

There is also a scheme called support mortgage interest (SMI) – this will help pay for the interest on mortgages and some loans.  In order to be able to claim you must be receiving income support, income based or JSA income based employment support allowance.

It can be used for mortgages and loans for home improvements, adaptations, or buying out your ex-partner’s share if you have split up. However, there is a qualifying period for this and again you need to get proper financial advice.