The Care Act will fundamentally change how social care is arranged and delivered to people with a care and support need.  There have also been changes in the way that health services are arranged, meaning that Clinical Commissioning Group are now responsible for arranging key services such as district nursing and continuing healthcare.

Having heard numerous stories about insufficient care hours over the years and with a lack of any research in to this area, we conducted a survey asking spinal injured people about their care packages.  We found that nearly 40% felt that their care needs are not being met by relevant UK authorities and, as a result were prevented from living independently.

Furthermore, there is a strong theme of anxiety over the future of care packages given that 85% of care hours are funded by Local Authorities, the NHS and the Independent Living Fund (ILF), all of which are subject to funding cuts or restructuring. 

“[My care package] only allows me enough time to leave the house to go out for a coffee or do some shopping on one morning a week, so that is the only time I leave the house. [I] only have help for a shower once a week.”  (56 year old female with T10 complete spinal cord injury).
“I have no allowance for social interaction or activities.”  (45 year old female with a T9 incomplete spinal cord injury)

Download the full report here.

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