Speech recognition softwareDragon for Mac

Brief description
A programme that allows you to control your computer with speech commands and dictate text into popular programs.

Works with
Apple Mac OS X

Like the corresponding product for the PC, Dragon Dictate for Mac is the only real choice of speech recognition software available.

Like the PC version you need to create a profile and "train" the computer to understand your speech, and you also require a good quality microphone and quiet surroundings to get the best results.  It would be good to have a high specification machine as the results will likely be much better.

The commands for controlling the Mac computer are very limited when compared with the PC version.  It is very hard to do much to control the computer and it is unlikely that you could use this without a mouse pointing device of some kind.

When it comes to dictating however, Dragon Dictate seems to perform reasonably well and for typing text into documents and emails it worked well.

For anyone using a Mac with a pointing device like a head mouse, joystick or sip and puff mouse, who needs an alternative method for typing text, this will be a necessary addition to the tools required.

Additional information

Date reviewed
17th March 2015

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