Whether you would like to attend one of our Sports Quiz Dinners, take on the Aspire Channel Swim as part of a team or would like to adopt Aspire as your Charity of the Year, there are lots of ways your company can get involved and help us fundraise.

We are so proud to work with some incredible companies, who loyally support our work helping those with Spinal Cord Injury every year.

Corporate Events

Every year our Sports Quiz Dinners are filled with FTSE 100 firms including KPMG and PwC. More than 650 people attend our London Sports Quiz Dinner, and in 2016 attendees helped to raise over £50,000 for people with Spinal Cord Injury. That’s enough to pay for 16 lightweight wheelchairs and give 16 people back the independence they lost after their injury.

Employee Challenges

There’s nothing as effective as a challenge to bring teams together and motivate them. A shared goal can energise employees and create a strong group bond, and at Aspire we have a range of fantastic employee challenges that will help your organisation stand out from the rest.

Our iconic swims are famous across the UK. Could your employees swim the distance of the English Channel in 3 months, or maybe they could they swim the Channel for real? At Aspire we can give them the opportunity to put their skills to the test. If our swimming fundraising events aren’t for you, we also have places in the London Marathon and Ride London-Surrey 100, or why not try our wheelchair challenge?

Partner with us

Work alongside our Corporate Team to create your own bespoke package of fundraising events, awareness talks and regular PR support for your company. Bring your departments together, or steer them head to head in competition, taking on some of our employee challenges and fundraising events all year round. We can help to create a tailor-made charity partnership that will inspire and motivate your employees, as well as provide sponsorship and PR opportunities.

Read about our current corporate partners

Get in touch with Hannah Wyatt on [email protected] for more information.  

Payroll Giving

Give as you earn and donate directly from your salary. Give regularly to help support people with Spinal Cord Injury.


We are looking for an influential partner that could benefit from our following and who can in turn help us promote our work in the UK.

Our biggest fundraising event, The Aspire Channel Swim, is now the second largest swimming event in the UK. With a database of over 35,000 swimmers, made up of ABC1 women aged 35+ and with up to 10,000 people taking part each year, this event can be sponsored.

Please get in touch with our Event Manager Katy on [email protected] for more information.