Fohzia’s father sustained a spinal cord injury when he slipped in the snow on the way to the mosque, and was in Stoke Mandeville hospital for 17 months. The Local Authority said that adapting their family home wasn’t feasible and so an alternative had to be found.

Fohzia says: “My Dad wanted to come home, but that wasn’t going to be possible. Aspire’s Independent Living Advisor put us in touch with their Housing Manager, who told us of a property not too far away from our family home. To be able to have somewhere where we could call home was amazing.

 “When Dad arrived at the Aspire house, he was smiling. That was a relief as I was totally prepared for him to be a little upset, but he was looking around the house and was happy. The home is a sanctuary. It’s quiet, clean and a bit of stability when at the moment everything else is pretty unstable. Having the grandkids over, like before the injury, really lifts Dad’s spirits. For us as a family, it feels like home right now.

“Being a vented patient, Dad requires a lot of equipment and the house is able to accommodate all of it. The house is our interim family home, where we can go and see him. The first weekend there, everyone came round to visit. We can wheel him out into the living room and he can watch TV with us. What we have gone through has brought us closer as a family.”