Martin and Mirka lived in an Aspire house when Martin was discharged from hospital.  Following Martin’s accident, he and Mirka were unable to go back to their flat as it was inaccessible. 
Martin and Mirka in an Aspire house
Mirka says: "I will never forget the day we found out that the Aspire House was available for us to move in. I started crying and couldn’t stop thanking our Case Manager.  After so much uncertainty following the accident, I can’t tell you what a relief it was to actually know that for some time after Martin’s discharge from hospital we would have a fully accessible home while we looked for something permanent. 

"Our flat was deemed unsuitable because it was on the first floor with no lift access and the bathroom was also inaccessible. We loved our flat and were very upset when we found out that we would have to move; having only been there for a year. We looked at some rentals but none of them were fully accessible, and with one salary it was very hard to get something for a decent price that had a wet room or wasn’t on the first floor. I was extremely stressed out about the living situation and was getting really concerned that Martin would have to go to another hospital or care home because we didn’t have a place to live.

"The moment we moved in, a huge burden was lifted.  Moving into the Aspire property was just so easy – a couple of very simple steps and signing a contract and that was it. The Housing team worked very closely with us and answered every question we had – we wish everybody provided this kind of service, especially to vulnerable people. Things were turned around so quickly that we were able to ring in the New Year in the flat, with both of our mothers coming to stay.

"Martin is able to move around the flat freely as it's large enough for his wheelchair. Most things are height adjustable so he can open doors, cupboards and switch on taps.  Everything has been amazing. It impacts my life every day knowing that when I go to work Martin is in a safe environment and I don’t have to worry."