"I spent six months in hospital after my accident in 2004.  I use a manual wheelchair and have limited hand movement.  If it wasn't for Aspire I would have been unable to leave hospital as quickly after my accident as I did. Even worse, I might have had to be transferred to a care home for the elderly.

"My own house was having lots of adaptations done to it, to enable me to live there independently.  Whilst this work was being completed, I was living in the Aspire house in Penistone, West Yorkshire with my girlfriend Louise.  This gave us the opportunity to have a relatively normal life.

"Finding somewhere to live is the main obstacle that people with a spinal cord injury face in the first few months after their injury.  It's so hard to think that young, active minded people are living in care homes with elderly people just because they have problems accessing their own homes - it must be very frustrating for them.

"I will be forever grateful to Aspire for providing me with the opportunity to leave hospital so soon and live in comfortable surroundings that I was able to call home.  Aspire makes the obstacle of re-housing one less obstacle to worry about."