Aspire Grants exists to assist those with a Spinal Cord Injury purchase equipment that will increase their level of independence but which, without Aspire's support, they would be unable to afford.

Each application is considered on its own merit but is subject to the following guidelines. You are strongly advised to read these guidelines before submitting an application. Read the Guidelines below or download them.

Grants are only available to those who have a Spinal Cord Injury.

  • The Grant is open to those who are residing in the UK and Ireland, either as a UK or EU Citizen, with indefinite leave to remain or with full refugee status.
  • In many cases, statutory services - including local Health Authorities, Social Services and NHS Wheelchair Services - have an obligation to provide equipment. Aspire will not consider applications where statutory provision has not first been explored and exhausted.
  • Aspire seldom supplies all money required. Instead, Aspire will often part-fund, and the applicant will be expected to secure the extra monies needed from statutory sources, private funds or other organisations. Aspire will assist the applicant with this process.
  • Aspire will not consider funding an item already in the applicant's possession, nor one for which the applicant has already placed an order.
  • Aspire will only accept one application per applicant in any five year period, unless a change in medical circumstances has made the previous provision unusable.
  • A Grant is only made towards the cost of a piece of equipment. Aspire is not responsible for, and will not fund, any ongoing costs, including repairs, maintenance, insurance, replacement of parts or contracts.
  • Second-hand equipment cannot be considered, except where it is sold through a reputable business and comes with a suitable warranty.
  • All applications for medical equipment, including wheelchairs and other mobility equipment, must be supported by a health professional appropriate to the nature of the application. Applications for other equipment will also need to be supported by a third party - please check with the Aspire Grants Administrator as to the most appropriate individual to do this.
  • Should the applicant be successful in pursuing a compensation claim, Aspire will require repayment of the Grant made in full. Repayment is to be made within 56 days of the applicant's receipt of their final award or an interim payment in excess of £100,000, whichever is the sooner.
  • Applications will usually be considered within six weeks of all required paperwork being received by Aspire. Aspire will inform the applicant when this timeframe will be exceeded.
  • Aspire will only fund essential items. Should the applicant wish to enhance or upgrade the equipment to include non-essential aspects, this will be done at the applicant's own expense.
  • Aspire reserves the right to refuse any application.
  • Aspire reserves the right to request further information and supporting evidence before taking any application to Committee.
  • For those applying for computer equipment, where alternative computer facilities, such as local libraries and internet cafés could realistically be used, funding for computers will rarely be available from the Human Needs Fund. Applications for computer equipment will prioritise those that will increase and provide access to further education or employment (additional supporting evidence may be requested).
  • Aspire considers all applications in terms of the level of, or increase in, independence the requested equipment will provide. Please note, however, that Aspire will generally not consider applications for:
    • House adaptations
    • Holidays
    • Vehicles
    • Passive exercise equipment
    • Secondary functions on wheelchairs, including standing functions, for reasons that could be met by other means and cosmetic features.

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