Hugh is an Aspire IT Volunteer Trainer who, after an accident in 1991, soon found that there were massive benefits to be had from using assistive computer technology.

"Since my accident I have found that computers have been a huge asset to me - instantly I was able to keep in touch with friends and family through email which is so much easier for me than writing letters.

Computers also mean that I don't fall into the trap of just watching daytime TV all the time; I use a computer to find information on the internet as well as to play strategy games, all of which mean that my brain is kept active rather than just having me sitting around doing nothing all day.

There's also a real practical advantage too thanks to online shopping and banking - there are times when it's just so handy to be able to do everything from the comfort of my living room."

With plenty of experience of using computers, Hugh is now one of Aspire's volunteer IT trainers at our Karten mini CTEC centre in Cardiff.

"When I found out about the Aspire programme in Cardiff I felt it was time to use my skills to assist other people. It's great to be able to show people with new injuries that if you look at problems in a different light there are means and ways in which to solve them. I can prove that with a little bit of trial and error things can be done just as easily as before. Even better, by socialising with the other volunteers and patients we can all share tips and ideas and I've found that even with all my years' of experience I've been learning new ways of doing things."

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