A range of stylus for use with capacitive touch screens found on smart phones and tablets

iFaraday Mouthstick StylusBrief Description

A programme that allows you to control your computer with speech commands, and dictate text into popular programs.

Works with
We have tried these successfully with iPhones, iPads, various Android tablets and the Kindle Fire.

These are a lightweight mouth stick available in different lengths from 9” to 18”. There is a removable replaceable tip and a plastic mouthpiece. There are two tip types, standard and SALT. The SALT tip is more rounded works better as it allows contact with the screen at a greater range of angles. The vinyl mouthpiece can also be replaced as it is a standard tubing. Care should be taken when used so as not to damage your mouth or teeth. These stylus do not have to be used as a mouth stick and can be used in the hand. The tubing cannot be easily bent.  

Additional Information

Date Reviewed
17th March 2015

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