A wireless mouth operated computer mouse.Using an Integra Mouse Plus

Brief Description

A computer mouse that can be operated with the mouth. Has a mouth operated joystick and integral sip and puff switch for mouse clicks.

Operates in two modes, as a mouse joystick and in keyboard mode, which is good for gaming.

Can be wired or wireless.

Requires mounting arm (Usually Manfrotto Variable Friction Arm)

Works with
The device is plug and play and does not require additional software. Works with Mac and PC, and any device that accepts a standard plug and play mouse.

Mouse using sensitive mouth controlled joystick which allows precise control of mouse movement. Integral sip and puff switch for mouse clicks. Can be used with external switch for mouse clicks where unable to use sip and puff. Operates in different modes depending on requirements.

Additional Information

Date Reviewed
17th March 2015

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