What do we mean by sensory misperceptions? This may include:  

    • the feeling of body parts in different positions to their actual position 
    • the sensation that something is touching your body that you know is not actually there 
    • the feeling that a part of your body is moving that you are unable to move 
    • the feeling of having additional body parts that you are moving or that are doing things outside of your control 
    • the sensation of body parts not belonging to the person 

Information about the research

Why are we completing this research? There is limited research exploring altered sensations and sensory misperceptions experienced by individuals following spinal cord injury. Research shows these sensations can be experienced by individuals both shortly after injury and in the longer term. These sensations can be distressing experiences and a lack of shared language to describe these experience between clinicians and individuals may act as a barrier to discussing these experiences and providing support. We would therefore like to speak with individuals to understand what it is like to experience these sensations and what are the barriers/facilitators to adjusting to these experiences.  

Who can take part? Individuals aged 18 or over with an SCI who are currently or have previously experienced sensory misperceptions following SCI 

What would taking part would involve? One interview by phone or video call which we anticipate will last up to one hour. 

What we hope this study will add: We will explore individuals accounts to identify key aspects of their experiences. We plan to disseminate these to healthcare professionals by publishing an article which will outline individual’s experiences of sensory misperceptions and implications for practice. We will produce a summary to share with participants. All data will be anonymised in publications.  

Closing date: We will be completing interviews up until January 2022

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