Following the Covid pandemic, we are all now focused on the rising cost of fuel bills needed to heat our homes.

The government have recently announced a range of support measures to help people manage their increased costs, however for some they can appear confusing and people don’t know how to apply or if they’re eligible.

Although Helen who although was up to date with her utility bills, she was concerned about what she was hearing about price rises and confused about the support measures announced. 

Aspire Money Matters was able to talk through the three main features of support: (i) a £150 Council Tax Rebate for properties in bands A-D; (ii) a £200 credit to individual energy accounts in October c) The Warm Home Discount Scheme.  There is equivalent funding in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Helen says:

“It has been really helpful to have someone to talk to on the phone and explain in simple terms how the measures will actually work and, as important, knowing if I am eligible and what I need to do to get the support. Having a relaxed conversation over the phone and being able to ask questions has worked best for me and I feel more in control of the situation.”

Aspire’s Money Matters service continues to offer free impartial guidance to people affected by spinal cord injury to budget effectively, keep control of finances and where needed become debt free.

To talk to our Money Matters Specialist please call 020 8420 8960.

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