Between fundraising and marathon training, Paul has also been planning his wedding that is only two weeks after the marathon on Sunday. Paul is marrying the daughter of Aspire Independent Living Advisor Joyce and is running the marathon with her as his inspiration.

Since sustaining her injury in 2011, Paul has seen Joyce move on from injury to independence and been with her whilst she experienced the great challenges that spinally injured people have to overcome each day.

In 2013 Joyce became an Independent Living Advisor (ILA) at Middlesbrough Spinal Centre. As an ILA she talks to newly injured patients about the injury and cover topics not covered by NHS staff like how to go on holiday again and what it’s like returning to work after a lengthy time in hospital.

Paul says: “Before her injury Joyce really enjoyed being at work and socialising. She thought she would never work again but then was given the opportunity through Aspire to get back to work and help people in a similar situation.”

Paul says: “From Joyce's work with Aspire we have seen first-hand the great work that they do in providing practical help to people who have been paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury. They really practice what they preach.”

He has raised over £2,000 by taking on the London Marathon for Aspire and is still fundraising encouraging his sponsors to support Aspire for the “instant benefits you can see through their services”.

“Through accessible housing, grants, welfare benefits advice and Independent Living Advisors, Aspire helps spinally injured people get the independence most of us take for granted.”

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