Tracker ProA mouse pointing device that is controlled using head movement.

Brief Description

Tracker Pro uses a reflective dot attached to a persons head, or glasses, and a special camera device that tracks head movement which moves the mouse pointer.

Works with

Windows, Mac, some Android tablets. Any device that can take a plug and play mouse.


This head mouse tracks a reflective dot positioned on or around a persons head and follows head movement.

This device is plug and play, so requires no additional software to be installed.

Uses standard computer mouse functions to control mouse speed etc.

Works with any PC, Apple Mac or some tablets that will accept a USB mouse input.

Has robust mount and velcro for attachment to computer or laptop screen.

Performance can be affected by bright light, particularly from behind.

There is a socket for adding external switches which can be used to make mouse clicks. Alternatively mouse clicks can be made using dwell clicker, or voice recognition software.

Additional Information

Ablenet Inc.

Date Reviewed

4th March 2015

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