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Position Department Amount raised Just Giving page
1 Retention Marketing £2,478 Sponsor us!
2 Finance £2,450 Sponsor us!
3 Senior Management £2,101 Sponsor us!
4 Creative £1,789 Sponsor us!
5 Technology £1,453 Sponsor us!
6 Digital Marketing £1,400 Sponsor us!
7 Acquisition Marketing £815 Sponsor us!
8 Sales £698 Sponsor us!
9 Communications £677 Sponsor us!
10 HR £589 Sponsor us!

Total raised so far: £12,786

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Aspire Relay Channel Swim
Regarded by many as the "Everest of swimming", swimming the Channel is one of the world’s toughest challenges. In fact, it might just be the hardest thing you’ll ever attempt. But, the rewards are just fantastic: the team camaraderie is second to none and nothing beats that feeling of finally arriving in France! Read more about the Aspire Relay Channel Swim here.

Virgin Money London Marathon
Tick it off your bucket list and join Aspire's London Marathon team on 22nd April 2018. You'll have the whole Fundraising Team cheering team at mile 17 to get you through those last few miles before finishing on the Mall alongside St James's Park.

Join Team Aspire for this epic 100 mile bike ride around the sites of London and the scenery of the Surrey countryside on closed roads that follow much of the 2012 Olympic road race route. Click here to find out more.

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