From injury to hosting his son's birthday party

Aspire’s Housing Case Manager helps Callum to become independent.Read more

From injury to financial independence

Welfare Benefits Advice Service appeals successfully for Aqeel.Read more

From injury to being inspired

Jack was inspired by Aspire's Independent Living AdvisorRead more

From injury to realising what is now possible

“Being able to talk to somebody who has been through what you're going through makes such a big difference.”Read more

From injury to never giving up an active lifestyle

“It has completely exceeded my expectations; I can get to places I never thought I would see again."Read more

From injury to still winding people up

"You have no idea how much more independence I have just for having this one bit of technology."Read more

From injury to not missing out ever again

“Just for someone to say ‘we are going to help you and you don’t need to do everything alone’, was just incredible.”Read more

From injury to finding her dancing shoes

“When people see me dance in my new chair their jaws drop to the floor! It’s just so much fun and Aspire really helped with that."Read more

From injury to a stronger family bond

"My regular wheelchair made bike rides and walks with my family practically impossible. This grant gave me the ability to do these things with my family and meant that I felt included again."Read more

From injury to a new family life

"Aspire understands the needs of individuals living with a spinal cord injury."Read more

From injury to walking again

“It could not have been better and I cannot thank the team enough. At every stage of my appeal and completing my PIP application, I couldn’t have asked for any more help, support and advice."Read more

From injury to a new family of four

“It feels good to be together. I really struggled being away from my family. The Aspire house was really our only option; being apart from my family was not.”Read more

From injury to living in his own flat

“Just to be able to speak to someone friendly and supportive was invaluable. Sometimes I just needed someone to listen.”Read more

From injury to getting back on his bike

“I’m so glad for it all. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Just one of the little pictures I’d seen has now opened up a whole new world.”Read more

From injury to helping others enjoy the outdoors

“This powered hand bike has really been a great part in my distraction. It’s given me back some fun and the capacity to get out into the fresh air again. I’ve got Aspire to thank for that.”Read more

From injury to world competitor

“Aspire has made it possible for me to get this far with my skiing, and it’s changed my life. They provide useful and functional support which really makes a difference. I couldn’t have done it without them.”Read more

From Injury to adventurous new dad

“Since receiving the grant from Aspire and getting the bike, life has turned itself around. It gives me far more independence. I can ‘nip’ to the shops, and go virtually anywhere I choose."Read more

From injury to getting his wings back

“I can now use a computer like a non-disabled person and it has helped me get back to work. Aspire has made a huge difference by providing funding for my new equipment.”Read more