£25 will buy special grip cups and glasses for use in an Aspire House by someone with limited hand dexterity. 

£50 will pay for adjustable furniture raisers in one of our houses so beds and chairs can be set top the correct level for someone with a spinal injury.

£60 will pay for a trackball mouse that makes it easier for someone with restricted hand movement to control their computer.

£120 will buy a special switch that helps someone with a spinal cord injury use their smartphone or tablet.

£150 will pay for an Independent Living Advisor to spend a day in a Spinal Injury Centre offering one-to–one advice and support to newly injured patients.

£500 will provide a thermostatic temperature controlled shower in an Aspire House to ensure that no one gets burnt, as spinal cord injured people are not able to feel how hot the water is against their skin.

£800 will pay for a mouse operated with your head which allows someone with a high-level injury to operate a computer without the use of their hands.

£1,000 will pay for:

  • an eye tracking device that someone with a high level injury can use to operate their computer using only their eyes.
  • a rise-and-fall sink or hob in one of our houses, allowing a wheelchair user to access them.
  • a computer with assistive technology so that someone with a high level injury can use a computer independently.

£2,500 will buy a special bed with pressure relief mattress for one of our houses.

£3,000 will allow us to laminate the floors for easier movement around an Aspire property.

£3,500 will pay for a sports wheelchair

£4,500 will pay for

  • a made-to-measure lightweight wheelchair.
  • a handcycle
  • power-assist wheels

£7,000 will pay for the annual training costs for our 10 Independent Living Advisors who work in Spinal Injury Centres across the UK providing guidance and advice to newly injured patients.

£25,000 will pay for the fixtures and fittings needed to make an Aspire House fully accessible and ready for someone to live in temporarily whilst they are waiting for adaptations to be made to their own house or are looking for more suitable accommodation.

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