Most people’s homes simply aren’t suitable for a wheelchair user.

So it’s no surprise that for those who are newly injured, where they are going to live when they get out of hospital is a major worry. All too often, they’ll find themselves discharged to somewhere totally unsuitable – an unadapted house or a care home, for example. Such situations rob people of their independence at a time when they should be ready to rebuild their lives.

The Aspire Housing Programme offers an alternative for people with Spinal Cord Injury. Our accessible homes are located around the UK and are used on a short-term basis whilst a permanent housing solution is found. It might be that someone’s own property is being adapted, or that they are waiting on their local authority to find them something suitable. Meanwhile, by staying in an Aspire House they can be back amongst their friends and family, free to get on with their lives.

Whether we adapt an existing property or get involved with the design of the house right from the start, all of the Aspire houses are fully accessible. Our accessible homes come complete with full wet-rooms, wheelchair accessible kitchens with height adjustable work surfaces and sinks and at least two bedrooms so family or PAs can move in too. And, of course, the houses are fully kitted out with everything from cutlery to sofas, so tenants can move in straight away.

To find out more please email Belinda, our Supported Housing Manager - [email protected].

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