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In our Autumn issue we are celebrating 20 years of the Aspire Channel Swim, which sees thousands of people swim 22 miles over 12 weeks from September to December.

Read inspiring stories from people who have taken part over the years. Disabled and non-disabled people talk about the wide-ranging benefits of swimming, from it being a low impact form of exercise and good for pain relief, to losing weight and a way to improve mental health and wellbeing.  The Aspire Channel Swim has also inspired many people to continue swimming in a pool or to take up open water swimming.  It’s a fantastic challenge which can greatly benefit your health, fitness and wellbeing and can be swum by yourself or as a team.   

Swimming stories:

Aspire celebrates 20 years of the Aspire Channel Swim

Brian Carlin recalls how the Aspire Channel Swim began

Paula swam for rehab following a spinal cord injury

The Aspire Channel Swim gave Jane the confidence to try open water swimming

Suzie swims because it's a non-weight bearing sport

Matthew swims for pain relief and mental health

Aspire celebrates 10 years of Relay Channel Swimming

Eleanor takes on her 18th Aspire Channel Swim

Alaine and Marc have swum the Aspire Channel Swim and four Aspire open water swims

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Matthew buys a bed thanks to an Aspire Your Fund

Santander get on their bikes to support Aspire

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