Our Patient Education service works in partnership with nine Spinal Injury Centres across the country. We have Patient Education Administrators (PEAs) that provide administrative support to assist hospital staff with the smooth running of their Patient Education Programmes. These posts free up time for clinical staff to focus on delivering quality and interesting information and their clinical responsibilities. Patient education sessions are vital in supporting people with Spinal Cord Injury to gain as many skills and as much experience and information as possible to assist in the transition from hospital to home, and beyond.

Our PEAs monitor patient satisfaction within the Patient Education Programmes and we work with the Spinal Injury Centres to support any developments or changes that might be needed to improve patients’ experiences. We do this in a variety of ways including talking to patients, evaluation forms, research projects and focus groups.

Many of our PEAs have a spinal cord injury and will often support session presenters by sharing their knowledge and lived experience with patients. We also encourage the use of peers where appropriate, to complement the information being provided by the hospital staff.

Aspire’s aim, through our Patient Education Service, is to support Spinal Injury Centres deliver the best programme possible which, we hope, in turn will provide patients with a more positive ‘life after hospital’ experience. We are constantly looking for ways to work with our partners in the Spinal Injury Centres to develop and improve the Patient Education Programmes and always welcome any suggestions and ideas.

If you would like to find out more, or have suggestions and ideas, please email wendy.car[email protected]

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