From the pool based Aspire Channel Swim to swimming the English Channel as part of a relay team, Aspire is known for its expertise in swimming events.

Collage of six open water swims

Solent Swim
The Isle of Wight is a great holiday destination, but how many people can say they swam there from the mainland? Click here to read more abut the 2016 Solent Swims

Loch Ness Relay
Be part of a team of 6 to swim the length of the Loch from south to north, approximately 22 miles. Click here to read more about the Loch Ness Relay 2016.

Night Swimming
Ever fancied trying open water swimming at night?  Now you can! Find out more about the 2016 Night Swim here.

The Henley Classic
The Henley Classic is a 2.1km up-river swim along the course of the Henley Royal Regatta.  For further information on The Henley Classic, click here.

Aspire Relay Channel Swim
Regarded by many as the "Everest of swimming," swimming the Channel is one of the world’s toughest challenges. In fact, it might just be the hardest thing you’ll ever attempt. But, the rewards are just fantastic: the team camaraderie is second to none and nothing beats that feeling of finally arriving in France!  Read more about the Aspire Relay Channel Swim here.

North Channel Relay
It may only be 22 miles from Ireland to Scotland via The North Channel but this is one of the toughest stretches of open water anywhere in the world.  For further information on swimming the North Channel, click here.

Great Swim Series
The Great Swims are the UK's most popular outdoor swims.  Click here for further information on dates and locations of the Great Swims in 2016.

Aspire Channel Swim 2016
The Aspire Channel Swim takes place from September to December.  Join the thousands of swimmers across the UK who will be taking on the challenge of swimming 22 miles, the distance of the English Channel, over 12 weeks in their local pool to raise money for Aspire. Click here to find out more about the Aspire Channel Swim.

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