Aspire Grants are available to anyone living in the UK or Ireland with a spinal cord injury.

The grants that it provides assist with the purchase of much needed equipment, giving those with spinal injuries the independence most of us take for granted.

Specialist equipment can be expensive and beyond the reach of many.  And a shortfall in NHS provision of equipment, such as adequate wheelchairs, remains one of the biggest obstacles facing people with spinal cord injuries.  Aspire is campaigning to end this shortfall but, in the meantime, Aspire Grants is our response to the problem. Through our Grants we have helped hundreds of people get the equipment they so desperately needed, from assistive computer technology to powered wheelchairs, power assisted wheels and lightweight wheelchairs, which cost about £3,500. 

For more information, please email Kim, our Aspire Grants Officer, call her on 020 8420 6707 or click on the links below.

Application form
Click here to download a Grant application form
Click here to download the Means Test form

How to apply
Download the guidelines for applying for a Grant here

Aspire Grants FAQs
Click here for frequently asked questions about Aspire Grants

Your Fund
Your Fund is a simple way to raise money to purchase essential specialist equipment and services either for yourself or someone you know with a spinal cord injury. Please click here to download information about Your Fund.

The impact of an Aspire Grant
Read about how Aspire Grants has transformed the lives of recipients.

Aspire Grants brochure
Download the Aspire Grants brochure here.

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