We all experience times in life when we feel we are not making the most of our money and find ourselves saying “I just don’t know where the money goes each week" and on some occasions we may even feel overwhelmed with commitments that we are struggling to pay.

If you find yourself in such situations then our free, impartial and confidential telephone Money Matters Service is here to help you. If you have a spinal cord injury we will support you through each step of your journey to take back control of your finances.

Our personalised service will support you by:
• A full assessment of your financial situation.
• Working out your personal budget plan to understand what your income and outgoings are.
• Discussing ways you may be able to maximise your income by adopting good shopping habits, shopping around for best deals and cutting costs.
• Explaining how you can take advantage of special utility deals and a range of everyday discounts to help you keep the money in your pocket.
• Hints and tips on how to save regularly for those unforeseen emergencies and have money for special occasions.
• Explaining options to deal with commitments you are struggling to pay.
• Helping you fill out forms and understand creditor requirements.
• Although we are unable to give regulated financial advice, we can take forward on your behalf any proposals you want to put to your creditors to help resolve any debts you may have.
• Give ongoing support to become debt free and budget effectively.

    To talk to our Money Matters Specialist please call 020 8420 8960.

    Many thanks to The Frenkel Topping Group for their support which has made this service possible.  

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