Our Independent Living Advisors work in Spinal Injury Centres across the UK. All of our Independent Living Advisors have a spinal cord injury themselves, which means they can relate directly to what patients are going through, and are on hand to share their knowledge with any patient who needs to talk.

Aspires Independent Living Advisors

Patients in a Spinal Injury Centre are given a lot of information by the NHS staff. It’s all essential, but it’s also a lot to absorb in a relatively short space of time. On top of that, patients invariably have lots of other questions and issues that generally aren’t covered during rehabilitation. Questions such as how to go on holiday again with a spinal cord injury, to what it’s like returning to work after a lengthy time in hospital. Aspire’s Independent Living Advisors work closely with the NHS teams to ensure the patients’ questions are answered, often signposting them on to other organisations or working through solutions with the individuals. Each Independent Living Advisor is available in their Spinal Injury Centre once a week and patients can either book in a session with them, or just catch them for a chat. These sessions are all ultimately geared towards ensuring that patients with Spinal Cord Injury have greater independence when their rehabilitation is over and they leave hospital.

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Patient Education
Our Patient Education Administrators provide administrative support to assist hospital staff with the smooth running of their Patient Education Programmes.

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