How can you help me?

Initially we might just let you know about Aspire's other services and how you can access them.  Beyond that we can advise you on a number of areas, such as accessible housing, Motability, going on holiday and access to sports and leisure.  We can also signpost you to appropriate services for benefits advice and, where we may not have an answer, we will talk to the people who do on your behalf.

At what stage in my rehabilitation can I talk to an Independent Living Advisor?

As soon as possible; please speak to a nurse or member of your Goal Planning Team who will put you in touch with an Advisor.  The Independent Living Advisors visit the Spinal Injury Centres every week, so ask the ward staff which days they are in and make an appointment for an informal chat.

Can a family member be with me when I meet the Independent Living Advisor?

Yes, absolutely.

How can you help me with understanding what benefits I am entitled to?

As we have a working relationship with the Department for Work and Pensions, we can signpost you to a Benefits Advisor who will advise you on what benefits you and your family may be eligible for and help you with form filling.

If you have left hospital, our dedicated Welfare Benefits Advice Service is there to help.  Call 020 8420 6711 to speak to our Advisor.

Can you help me even when I have left the Spinal Injury Centre?

Yes, of course.  We will continue to help you towards gaining your independence, even once you have been discharged.

How do I get a copy of the Aspire It's My Life and It's Our Lives books?

To get your free copy of any of the Aspire books, just ask your Independent Living Advisor or email

How else can Aspire help me?

The full range of Aspire Services are there to provide help and support when you need them; the other sections on the website give further information about what is available: Aspire Grants, Aspire Housing, Assistive Technology and Welfare Benefits Advice.

Additionally, Aspire has partnered with Back Up, another charity with a range of great services that are available to spinally injured people.  Aspire can make a referral on your behalf to Back Up, or you can see everything that they have to offer at

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