I have read that DLA is stopping, will that affect me?

PIP is the new disability payment, which is starting to be phased to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for all claimants by 2017.  The government recognises that people with a disability have higher living costs and this benefit is to help those claimants.  PIP, like DLA, is based on the impact of the disability and not the condition or severity.

If you are in receipt of DLA you do not need to do anything until the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) writes to you and invites you to make a claim for PIP.

The DWP envisages the peak period of reassessments will not be until 2016.

There are four basic steps to making a claim:

  • Calling the PIP claim’s line
  • Completing of the 32 page claim form, which consists of 12 questions about your daily living.
  • Assessment Phase, which could be a face to face assessment to gather more information from the Assessment Provider.
  • The decision, the DWP write to inform you of the award.  

I am receiving DLA and I was born in 1947, do I have to apply for PIP

If you were born before 8th April you won't be affected by PIP, and you will continue to receive DLA. 

Will I be affected by the Benefit Cap?

From September 2013 there has been a cap on the amount of benefits you can receive, unless you are exempt from this rule. If you are a lone parent or if you have a partner you will only be paid a maximum of £500 a week in benefits and for single people you will only be paid a maximum of £350.

You will be exempt from the cap if anyone in your household is getting: 
• attendance allowance 
• disability living allowance 
• Personal Independence Payment 
• industrial injuries benefits 
• war disablement pension/armed forces compensation scheme payments 
• war widow's pension

Or if you or your partner are getting: 
• employment and support allowance support component. 
• working tax credit

I am considering appealing my ESA decision

If you are considering appealing your ESA decision, you might find the following video about the Tribunal Service useful:

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