Our incredible fundraisers are vital to our services helping people paralysed by spinal cord injury. Whether you sign up to one of our challenge events, host your own event, grab a bucket a hold a collection, we will support you throughout your fundraising.

Click here for a full list of our 2018 events.

Don't forget to view and download our free fundraising pack which includes an event planner, sponsorship forms and posters to help you kick-start your fundraising.


Collage of six open water swims

Aspire is known for its expertise in swimming events.  From the pool based Aspire Channel Swim to Night Swims, Loch Ness, Solent and Relay Channel Swims and many more. Click here to find out about the swims we offer

Running, cycling and other challenge events
Whether you are a runner, cyclist or want to try something different, Aspire has a range of events to suit all ages and abilities. 
Read more about the challenge events here.

Community fundraising
From bake sales to quiz nights, there are many ways to raise money for Aspire.
Read about ways to raise money for Aspire here.

Corporate events
Every year, Aspire holds a number of events specifically organised for our corporate friends.  
Read more about our Dinners and Golf Days here.

Star Fundraisers
This is a chance for Aspire to say thank you to some of our amazing fundraisers - whether they  have overcome a personal challenge, done something unusual or raised a fantastic amount of  money, we are grateful to all of them for supporting Aspire.  
Read more about their amazing  stories here.