NevilleNeville Smith, who works as a Fitness Instructor at the Aspire Leisure Centre, was a victim of a horrendous and unprovoked attack in late May.

He was cycling down Bushey Hill Road in Watford and was forced off road by a cyclist coming towards him on the wrong side of the road, who apparently proceeded to kick him as he went past.  Neville hit the curb, went over the handlebars and landed badly.  The cyclist didn’t stop but luckily a woman waiting nearby in her car witnessed this and came to help.

As a result, Neville sustained a spinal cord injury leaving him with limited upper body movement and no feeling from the chest down.

The incident happened on Bushey Mill Lane near the junction with Radlett Road. The police are appealing for anyone that may have seen what happened or saw the offender.  A picture of the bicycle is above.

Anyone with information should contact [email protected] quoting crime reference 41/2686/18

Neville has now been able to sit in a wheelchair a couple of times and has started physiotherapy. The outpouring of support he has received from the customers and colleagues he sees every day at Aspire have meant the world to him and have kept him in high spirits.

Disability is expensive and spinal cord injury is no exception; the cost of living becomes incredibly pricy. The costs soon mount as lightweight wheelchairs, house adaptations, assistive technology and so on all come with a steep price tag. This is why we’re asking for anyone who feels like they can to donate and support Neville with this financial burden.   All donations , big or small, are massively appreciated by Neville and his family. The money will help Neville get back to living his life as independently as possible.

You can donate at 

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