I was ready to be discharged from Southport Spinal Injury Centre in early 2023 but I couldn't be discharged to my own home as it wasn’t accessible at the time.

I was stuck in a bit of a loop and having issues getting discharged. I couldn’t be discharged until my care package was agreed and sorted but the care package couldn’t be sorted until I had somewhere to live.  Therefore I was stuck in limbo at the hospital. This was very stressful and upsetting for both me and my wife Lynn.

At one point, it looked like I would have to be discharged to a care home, which I really didn’t want. Thankfully, I was made aware of the Aspire property, which turned out to be a lifesaver for us.

It meant my care package could be arranged and I could look forward to being discharged from hospital. Once this was all sorted, I could finally be discharged and move into the Aspire property, which was such a relief.

We found the property perfectly suited my needs and meant I could live as independently as possible. It gave us time to decide what we wanted to do next and after some assessments, it was agreed that our home could be adapted. We’re now back home and it is lovely to be back.

We will always be incredibly grateful to Aspire, both for the property that we stayed in, and all the help and support everyone from the housing team gave us.

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