Aspire has partnered with Adapt Ability, who will now be based at the Aspire Leisure Centre.  Adapt Ability produced the Omeo, the world’s only hands-free self-balancing active power chair. As seen on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, it is designed to empower people to live more fulfilling and independent lives. Operated with patented hands-free technology, it can tackle almost any form of difficult terrain with ease.

Adapt Ability at Aspire in the office

Brian Carlin, Aspire CEO, Tina and Cristian from Adapt Ability and Saroj, Aspire's Chair of Trustees

Saroj Patel, Aspire’s Chair of Trustees, trialled the Omeo in the Aspire garden and said “As the Chair of Aspire and a disabled person facing mobility challenges every day, I know how important it is to have independence; the Omeo provides that and more. I was exhilarated the first time I used it at Aspire as I was able to explore the beautiful grounds and nature around the site.  It lets you navigate with confidence, using core muscles and body movements. It leaves the hands free for other purposes, like holding items, exploring the world, walking the dog, presenting dynamically at conferences and meetings. It's not just a wheelchair, it's a breakthrough.”

  Saroj trialling the Omeo in the Aspire garden

Cristian Brownlea, Adapt Ability, said: “I’m delighted that Adapt Ability is now based at Aspire because we both aim to improve independence for disabled people and I know from personal experience how crucial the Aspire Leisure Centre’s accessible facilities are for disabled people’s fitness and wellbeing.”

Brian Carlin, Aspire's CEO, says: “We are excited to be supporting Adapt Ability and welcome them to their new home at the Aspire Leisure Centre.  We embrace advances in technology that provide greater independence for spinal cord injured people.”

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