"Just wanted to say thanks for everything.  I am beyond grateful for being accepted to do the relay in the first place and for the training weekends and organisation.  I am properly delighted at managing to raise so much money for a brilliant cause.  The channel swim itself was AMAZING (apart from feeling dog-rough for a couple of hours).  I loved swimming in the dark, through jelly fish and in rough seas (sort of)… "It is a massive personal achievement and lovely to be part of a great team - they are a fab bunch. I ache now!" (This was the day after Sarah’s crossing). - Sarah, Team Crocodile 2015

Team Crocodile on the beach

"Taking on this challenge has been an incredible experience; I've never met so many inspirational people or been in such a positive and supportive environment before.  If you think you want to take on the Channel, I have two words for you: DO IT!" - Sophie, Team Seal 2012

Team Seal on the beach

"One of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The sense of achievement is huge, I would recommend it to anyone." - Richard, Orca boat 2012

Relay channel swim team Orca on the beach

"The support Aspire has provided has been absolutely excellent.  There is an initial assessment day followed by training advice when your place is confirmed, emails to remind you when it is time to ditch the wetsuit, and when to start upping the training times in cold water!  Training at Dover in the summer over three weekends is amazing."  - Jill, Manx Minke boat, 2012

Relay channel swim team in the sea 
"You share the training highs, enjoy good laughs on training days in Dover, when you're unsure about your training, you can freely voice your fears and get support from your team mates, and once you are on the boat and mid Channel, the strength of camaraderie from your team is so strong, you feel that you would do anything to ensure your team's success in crossing the Channel!  A brilliant experience, so brilliant I swam it twice in 2012 and am now preparing for a 2-way relay and a solo in 2013." - Regina, Otter boat & Penguin boat, 2012

Relay channel swim team Penguin on the beach

"I drove away from Dover Harbour on Sunday 7th August 2011, not as usual returning from a holiday, but after completing one of the most challenging and inspiring achievements of my life.  In the previous six months I, along with my team mates, had entered the world of Channel Swimming and experienced the camaraderie that relay swimming builds.  My name - along with Kate, Meg, Russell, Neil and Adrian - is now on the ceiling of the White Horse Pub in Dover in celebration of our feat. Our names sit alongside the names of other relay teams and many solo swimmers who have mastered the 21 miles of the English Channel. If you get the chance I recommend you get your name on that ceiling. You will not regret the experience." - Colin, Team Shark 2011

Relay channel swim team on boat

"I applied to join the Aspire Channel relay team in 2010 and nearly two years later, I don't regret it for one minute.  I have met like-minded people from around the country and I know we will be friends for a long time, as sharing something as exciting and huge as swimming the Channel will keep us together for a lifetime." - Kay, 2010 

Relay channel swim team at night

Relay Channel Swim