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In November 2014, Aspire entered into an Alternative Business Structure (ABS) with Moore Blatch solicitors, a firm renowned for its personal injury work, to create the legal firm Aspire Lawdedicated to providing a specialist service to people with spinal cord injuries. 

Aspire Law is unique because
• it is the only UK law firm dealing exclusively with spinal injury claims - providing you with the specialist expertise you need.
• it strives to achieve the maximum compensation as quickly as possible - so you can get on with your life.
• it does not deduct any fees from the client’s compensation – so you keep 100% of your award.
• it is a unique joint venture law firm, established by Moore Blatch LLP, a law firm with specialist expertise in spinal injury compensation claims, and Aspire.
• it donates 50% of our profits to Aspire to support people with spinal injury. This way they also help those with spinal injury who have no claim to make for compensation.

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Other spinal injury claims specialists are available. We recommend thoroughly researching to meet your needs.

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