I sustained my injury in July 2016 whilst on a trampoline at a friend's house where I dislocated my neck at c5/c6 level. Initially, I struggled with how my life was going to change. However, I worked hard at my rehabilitation with the support of my family and friends and, as a result, I regained a lot of independence and live quite an active lifestyle.

I got married the year after my injury to my wife Hilary. We live together in a ground floor apartment that we also bought that year. We do not have any children at the moment, but we hope to start a family in the future. We just got a puppy in January, so she is keeping us busy training and going for walks.

At the beginning my family and friends were overwhelmed at the severity of my injury and the thought of how my life would be. As the weeks and months passed they were able to see how independent I was becoming and began to realise that I would be able lead a happy and normal life. They have all been incredibly supportive.

Before my accident I was really into sport, particularly hockey. After my injury I knew I needed to get back into sport as it was something that I loved doing. I began playing wheelchair rugby about a year after my injury and fell in love with it. It felt amazing to be back playing sport competitively in a team environment. I am massively into my health and fitness, so I also train in the gym two or three times a week. In the spring and summer when the weather is warmer, I go out handcycling with friends and family. 


Hilary and I have always enjoyed getting outdoors and travelling; for our honeymoon we spent two weeks travelling the West Coast of America which was amazing.  I have a power attachment for my wheelchair which means we can head off on beach or forest adventures when the weather allows it!

I wanted to become an Aspire Independent Living Advisor because I knew from my time in hospital how hard it can be to cope at the beginning of your injury, and I found speaking to other people with spinal injuries very helpful as they have lived experience of Spinal Cord Injury.

I am looking forward to meeting with those affected by spinal cord injuries and trying to help and support them in any small way I can to help them live an independent life.

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