I found out about the Aspire Channel Swim through the gym where I swim and decided to take on the challenge as it’s a very deserving cause. I have a friend who broke her neck when body surfing a few years ago and is now a wheelchair user for life. 

I have been a regular morning swimmer for many years. I swim about four times a week, either half a mile or a mile.  The Aspire Channel Swim will help encourage me to do a regular substantial swim over the next few weeks.  Swimming 22 miles is a challenge for anyone so it’s nice to be able to break it up into bite-sized chunks.

Brian in front of a waterfall

For me, swimming is a peaceful, rhythmical, non-weight bearing, physically demanding, all-round exercise. I get a real post-exercise buzz from it that lasts most of the day.  It’s an easily accessible sport, as there are so many pools everywhere when you start looking, and the equipment required is absolutely minimal!  I use the lovely 30 metre pool at the Better gym in Kentish Town in London.

I’m 68 and have chronic peripheral neuropathy. Its cause is unknown and it affects my sensory and motor nerves. Practically, that means that as any form of exercise goes on it causes muscle fatigue and weakness, so my tolerance for exercise is limited.

 Swimming is the best form of exercise for me as I can tolerate and enjoy it more than other types of exercise.

I’ve been fundraising by working my way through my address book and emailing everyone with a personal request and a link to my JustGiving page. Email seems to have been particularly effective for me; it requires little effort and can reach a large selected network of people.  I’ve been extremely lucky in that friends and family have been so very generous. 

Brian wearing a helmet on a mountain

Spinal cord injuries are devastating, immediately life-changing and permanent injuries and it affects everyone who is near and dear to them as well. With the level of funding of all healthcare services being so restricted it means a lot to me to be able to personally contribute and help in this way.  Thanks so much to Aspire for organising this event which I hope to repeat for many years to come. 

Sponsor Brian

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