It was suggested that we might need to move, but June's father built our house and we've lived in it since we were married 48 years ago.  There's a lot of emotional attachment, and adapting it for me now was definitely what we wanted to do.

Right from day one I was told to make sure that I got everything I needed in order to get my lifestyle back.  That's alright in essence, but when you first come to look at it you don't know at that stage what it is you want or need.  Then, when you start looking at plans, you hit the negativity from the planners; 'you can't do this, you can't do that.'  You fight that and get on but then, having mapped out exactly what we wanted, you get told you might not be allowed it all because of the expense!  It's all coming together now, though.

Colin and June talking to builder in front of open garageWhen I first came out of Salisbury I moved back home where my life existed solely in the lounge and the kitchen.  We lived like that for over a year.  It was frustrating at times, I definitely felt trapped.  But we coped, helped greatly by the support I had from my family, friends and the local bowls club.  With the building works due to start, we moved into an Aspire bungalow where I could get all around and do things in the kitchen.  Friends were happy too as I could have my first shower in a year - they told me I smelt much better afterwards!

they told me I smelt much better afterwards!

We go back to our house once a month for a meeting with the architect and the builders.  That's been really helpful as we can always voice any concerns, but actually we've been really quite pleased with it all.  The builders have kept to their word and it all seems to be going to plan.  We're having quite a lot built on to the back to take a new bedroom, bathroom and a bigger kitchen.  All the doorways will have to be widened.  And there will be a lift too, so I can get upstairs again.  Most of it is reorganising what is already there, so the building is retaining its character, it will still be our home.

Going back home when its finished, and being able to get into every room in our property, is going to give me a whole new lease of life.  The day we go back is going to be emotional for all of us.  I've got mixed feelings about it because whilst I'm looking forward to it, I'm doing so with understandable apprehension.  That said, I know it will be a great moment.

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