At the time of my injury, my daughter was only three months old and I was the Managing Director and shareholder in an international insurance brokerage. I was determined to get back to my family and work as soon as possible so worked really hard at my physio and rehab. I was released from the Spinal Centre after just three months.

Despite my strong determination to get on with what was a successful career, life was to change further. My employer wanted to renegotiate my contract and cut my pay in half. I wasn’t going to agree to that, so I left and joined another broker. Today I own the whole company.

I've set two British Land Speed Records

I might not be the most mobile person, but I don’t let that stop me. I regularly travel overseas on business and have visited places as far flung as Sri Lanka and Turkey. On one trip to China, with the help of a few strong friends, I went up the Great Wall. I hate being helped but had to submit to being carried up hundreds of steps. The view from the wall was incredible and it’s now one of my favourite memories; the experience taught me to accept help with good grace.

As a young man I wanted to race cars but had limited resources and, if I’m honest, talent. I decided to take up racing a few years after the accident and found it to be an excellent motivator to keeping fit and helped me overcome my shyness about being in a wheelchair. I have now competed in more than 100 races and currently hold an International Race Licence.

David in his racing car

After more than two years of testing and development, on 17th September 2008, I set two British Land Speed Records, driving a 1971 Lola T 222 Can-Am Race car. The record attempts were made to demonstrate that significant achievements are not the preserve of the able-bodied. I might have been able to set a few more records, but towards the end of a timed run the car took to the air at over 200mph and somersaulted until it came to rest upside down at the side of the runway. My helmet had come off but I remained conscious. I suffered a number of broken bones and a bump to the head but fortunately no lasting injuries and have since fully recovered.

I have always been driven. If you are going to be successful you have to find something that interests you, you must sustain that interest and it must suit your personality. Then you can excel.