I’ve signed up for my 3rd Aspire Channel Swim because I’m trying to get healthy and I really enjoy swimming.  I enjoy the challenge and knowing that I can achieve the goal is always a boost. I don’t think that Aspire is a very well-known charity, despite it’s great work, so I like being able to let people know what they do.

I first signed up in 2015. I saw a post on Facebook and thought it sounded like a challenge I would enjoy. I spoke to my family about it and with three children who at that time were heavily into their swimming, I had plenty opportunity to get in the pool myself, so I did.

Swimming 22 miles can be brutal at times. We all have days that we perform better than others but overall, I love it. I meet the same people when at the pool and some know why I am there and offer support and encouragement, but I’m not doing it for that reason. I swim as much as I can for 30 to 60 mins, then reward myself with time in the steam room to relax and reflect.

I love the feeling of weightlessness, the feel of the cool water and just being able to totally switch off from daily life and swim. This is ‘me time’.  I swim at the Inverurie Community Campus pool and sometimes have trouble finding the time and motivation to go to the pool and swim after a busy shift, but once I am in the water I wonder what all the fuss was for.

Throughout my 20+ years career as a nurse, I have come into contact with many people with life limiting spinal conditions and have always strived to make their life as ‘normal’ as possible with regards to health care, from simple things like not talking down to them, being at their level at all times, making adaptions to teaching or care packages to suits their unique needs. I am always inspired how people with spinal injuries just get on with things - I’m sure it’s not that simple but they just inspire me.

I feel bad asking people to sponsor me because it’s all you see on Facebook, however my friends have really come through his time and I’ve already raised over £330!  I’ve just been honest with my progress and putting it out there. I am utterly delighted to have raised so much in such a short time.

An old school friend was sadly injured in a motorbike accident. He’s amazing and appears to have embraced life; he lets nothing hold him back and is an active member of Grampian flyers basketball team.  He doesn’t know it, but I think of him when signing up for this challenge.

Like all other fundraising events it’s important to support those people affected and if I can do my part in helping to improve their life and better treatment being available, then I am all for it. Spinal injury charities are not often in the headlines and don’t appear to get masses of funding from government bodies, so anything I can do to help.

I like seeing who else is doing the challenge and watching their progress and the email support and appreciation from Aspire is also great. Thank you to all who have sponsored me so far and a big thank you to my family for supporting and encouraging me.

Sponsor Debbie

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