Phil Kelly, Aspire's Money Matters Specialist writes:

In May this year the government announced financial support to help households cope with increased energy costs but last week it was reported that “many customers with prepayment meters have not yet redeemed their vouchers.”

Amongst a number of measures introduced was for all domestic households with an electricity supply in England, Scotland and Wales would receive £400 paid in monthly instalments between October 2022 and March 2023 - £66 October and November and £67 for the remaining four months. (Northern Ireland households will also receive a discount of £400 however the process is yet to be decided)

The payment of £400 does not need to be repaid and does not incur any interest, fees or charges.   

How Are Payments Made?   

Payments are automatic to all electricity account holders and you do not need to apply to your provider.

For those who pay by Direct Debit some providers will deduct the monthly amount £66/£67 from each bill whilst others will refund the money back to your bank account soon after you’ve made you monthly payment.

For those who Pay Monthly Based On What They Use the £66/£67 will either be discounted off the bill or applied as a credit which will reduce the total bill.

For those who have Smart Prepayment Meters suppliers will add credit of £66/£67 automatically to the meter, normally in the first week of each month. 

For those using a Traditional Prepayment Meter where a card or key is topped up, vouchers will be sent by post, email or text by all main suppliers which can be redeemed at a Post Office or PayPoint Store. The vouchers should arrive by 17th of each month and are only valid for 90 days. 


If you pay by Traditional Prepayment Meter make sure you open any letters, emails or texts from your energy companies and check if it contains your voucher as you have a maximum of 90 days to utilise it.

If you have not received your voucher by the 17th of the month, contact you energy company directly and query the situation.

Beware of scams

Regardless of whatever payment method you use the £400 is automatic to those who are eligible and you do not need to apply.

Be wary of anyone contacting you asking for bank account or card details or offering to apply for the money on your behalf. This is not necessary and if you are contacted by anyone do not give any information and then contact your energy provider direct from a safe number on their website or your recent bill.

If for any reason you are not receiving your payments then again contact your provider using safe contact methods from your providers website.

Struggling To Pay Your Energy Bills?

If you are struggling to pay your energy bills (or other commitments) it’s important to contact your provider as soon as possible even if you are up to date but feel you may struggle in future.

All providers have a duty of care to work with customers and look at options to help manage periods where affordability is a problem.

If you need any further help or just want to talk things through Aspire's Money Matters offers free impartial guidance to people affected by Spinal Cord Injury about effective budgeting, keeping control of finances and, where needed, help to become debt free.

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