There are many ways they can support you when you’re on the Priority Services Register (PSR) including:

            Providing information in accessible formats

            Helping you with meter readings and bill payments

            Advanced notification and help when there are planned cuts to supply

            Priority support in an emergency

            Priority support when calling your provider

            Nominating a family member or friend to deal with your account

            Moving a meter if you have difficulty accessing it

            Priority support if experiencing difficulty paying bills                      

Registering is free and easy 

Registering is free and easy and you do not need to show proof of your condition or age. You are eligible if any of the following apply:

            You have reached State Pension Age

            Are disabled or have a long term medical condition

            Are recovering from an injury or health condition

            Have a hearing or sight condition

            Have a mental health condition

            Are pregnant or have children under 5

            Have communication problems such as speech impairment or do not speak or read English well.

There may be other situations such as another household member having a condition but their name is not on the account so always contact your provider and check if eligible. They have a duty of care to support their customers.

How To Register

If you can, go to your utlility providers' websites as there should be information regarding all aspects of the register. You can also phone using the number from a recent bill if you do not have internet access.

Do explain your situation in full and emphasise any medical conditions that rely on regular and constant supply.  You will need to register again if you change supplier.

Don’t miss out on the extra support the PSR offers, contact your utility providers today!

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The service operates on Monday and Tuesdays with telephone appointments available from 9am to 3.30pm.

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