My injury started with an abscess. I had a tooth removed but never took the course of antibiotics, and overtime the abscess grew all over my body. I was fit as a fiddle and felt nothing until one morning I had a bad headache, even after taking painkillers. The next morning, I began to feel pain in my back, so I called my GP asking for assistance but couldn’t get an early appointment. I then called for an ambulance, and they took me to Oswestry hospital. My blood was taken, and they gave me an MRI scan. The results showed an abscess pushing against my spine. I had an emergency operation and here I am today.

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During my time at hospital, I was introduced to Aspire and their Housing Programme as my home at the time was on the third floor and I could no longer gain access. Aspire really assisted me; I spoke with Joslyn, Aspire’s Senior Housing Officer, who was very caring, attentive and helpful in every way possible. The team are just fantastic! 

The Aspire home bridged the gap until I was able to get myself sorted, which was helpful for myself my family and friends. I would 100% recommend Aspire housing to anyone.

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