I purchased a bungalow in 2015. I had assessments carried out beforehand and was reassured that the adaptations I needed were possible. But when I moved in to the property, that’s when the problems started.

I was receiving Continuing Healthcare but the assessments on the property had to be carried out by Social Services. It felt as though nobody knew what to do, how to support me or how to work together. What was supposed to be a quick process came to a standstill.

Getting in and out of the property was a complete nightmare and I felt so unsafe just trying get around. I was living in the property with full-time care and couldn’t access the bathroom at all, I was constantly unwell and getting infections.

I felt that I couldn’t do anything or make any plans – as soon as I got well enough to make plans, I was sick again. My injury was taking over, and I had no social life. This went on for more than a year, I was so upset and cried most days.

Eventually I was put in touch with Aspire’s Housing Advice Service. Laura helped me to see that I wasn’t alone and reassured me that my case could be resolved. I was ready to give up, but she gave me back my enthusiasm and my will to carry on. She made things very clear to me and helped me to understand exactly what my rights were. More than that, she also helped the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to understand what my rights were. She liaised with the council on my behalf and acted as a ‘go-between’ with all the agencies who just didn’t seem to know how to support me, or how they should be working together. With her help we started to make progress.

Finally, my adaptations were agreed on and work could start. I was over the moon. It wasn’t possible to stay in the bungalow when the works were being done and I had no where else to go, but Aspire was able to make one of their wheelchair accessible properties available for the duration and that was a huge relief.

Now that I have the adaptations I feel so much safer in my home, I can come and go without fear of injuring myself.

Since having an accessible bathroom, I haven’t been sick or had an infection at all. I feel like I’ve got my social life back, I’m no longer sick all the time. I can make plans with friends, buy tickets to a show or a concert knowing that when it comes around, I’ll be able to go.

Honestly, it sounds so small but it’s made such a huge difference to my life. I’m so grateful to Aspire for helping me to get back my independence and feel like me again.

- Tracy

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