I used to work as an auditor for the local authority, which included checking payroll systems to make sure all protocols were in place.  I have always been a fan of the cinema, music, opera and I love watching shows like Game of Thrones. Another interest of mine is traveling; my ex-partner and I would go on exciting holidays at least four times a year.  We went to Scotland quite frequently and visited New Zealand twice, which we enjoyed a lot.

Kirsty in her garden

I found out about Aspire when I was at the Spinal Injury Centre in Sheffield.  When I was discharged, I moved into my partner’s home for a brief time because it was more accessible than my home at the time.  Adaptation plans were made but they were going to take 18 months to complete, so during this period we moved into the Aspire house.  It was amazing!  Everything just works so well, from the kitchen to the wet room, with features that we hadn’t thought about before. Being in the Aspire house was massively helpful because it opened my eyes and helped with my decisions for what I wanted for my own home.  I was also very fortunate that it was 15 minutes away from my partner’s home, which was comforting.

I would most definitely recommend Aspire, in a heartbeat. Whenever we needed them, they were so helpful.  The process of moving in and out was efficient. I am just so grateful to Aspire and so lucky to have that house to live in, it was in the right location and perfect for our needs.  

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