I was injured on one of my days off.  I had been visiting a friend; we’d gone out for a meal, had a couple of drinks and come home. During the night I got up from bed, tripped over and banged my head on the skirting. From that fall, I ended up with a broken nose, broken neck and a crushed spinal cord. All I remember was shouting out to my partner for help.

I didn’t realise the extent of what had happened until I was hospitalised and had scans checking me all over. I couldn’t move. I was being spoon-fed, my teeth were being cleaned for me and other people were having to give me a shave.

The house that I’ve been living in for the last 20 odd years was not suitable for me to go back to

There are quite a few stairs which would have been too difficult for me to manage when I was discharged from hospital.  I couldn’t have gone back without adaptations.

After speaking with one of the discharge ladies, I was told about Aspire and their houses. I hadn’t been able to find a suitable property and I rejected the idea of a nursing home; that would’ve been too much to cope with. My partner would have had to move to some kind of sheltered accommodation if I’d gone to a nursing home. I need her with me.

When I first saw the Aspire house, I was simply very thankful.  I went to school many years ago around the area, so I know the place like the back of my hand.

I am a very independent person anyway so moving into the Aspire house was like winning the lottery  

The house is fantastic!  I can get to every room, the access is excellent. I can see how being here has helped; it’s far better for my independence. In hospital everyone has a similar sort of injury, but on the outside, you feel like you stand out. I feel better in myself being here. The things I can’t do, I’ll try.

The main thing for me about the house is being able to get around. Even though I can now manage a few stairs, I’m still worried about falling. I can’t go back to my old house because I had the accident there.  I’ve decided to sell up; it’ll be a fresh start.

The Aspire house is all on one level and I can access everywhere. Being here has helped my rehab.

I can manage everything here far better than my house with how it is set up and laid out; it has been a Godsend

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